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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> i just feel like my world,
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it's over because i work hard in life nor him. >> new at 11:00, a bay area father devastated. the deadly hit and hundred crash in the east bay that -- run crash in the east bay that took the life of his son and another boy. >> >. it happened last night, and earlier today andrea borba spoke with the father of one of the kids who was killed. flashing lights, helicopters and ambulances in concord last night -- a parent anently broken. >> i lost the sun, and that's something that can never be replaced. >> reporter: this is the result of the flashing lites, helicopters, and ambulances in concord last night. a parent with a heart that is permanently broken. >> i just feel like my world, it's, it's over because i worked hard in life for him, and it's not for me. if it's for me i could care less, but it's for him, so now what am i working for? >> reporter: lawrence's 5-year-
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old son vincent is one of two children ejected and killed in a crash on highway 4. >> i feel like my life is over, and to lose a child that i love and i do everythingfor, there's no words to bring anything to change anything about this. >> reporter: the crash happened around 11:00. the chp says this man, a 35- year-old, is a person of interest in the case. officers say as the driver of this infinity was exiting highway 4, the car was going too fast, missed the turn, crossed the median, and slammed into the suv that was merging onto the highway. >> you can be doing everything right and some idiot comes down the street not doing everything right and way outside of bounds, and they change your life forever. >> reporter: in addition to the 5 and 10-year-olds who died in the crash, their mother and her three month old baby were seriously injured. the speed and force of the crash pushed the infinity through the suv and flying into the parking lot of kinder's
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barbecue. witnesses say the driver ran. this morning wilson turned up at highland hospital in oakland, and by noon the chp was questions him in the emergency room. for vincent's death, the details of who and how don't matter as much as the grief over a boy that will never grow into a man and will never say dad again. >> he was good, he was funny, happy, cheerful, and very caring. >> now the mother is recovering from her injuries at the hospital in walnut creek, and the infant is at oakland childrens being treated for his injuries. in the news room, andrea borba, kpix 5. and late today we learned of another deadly hit and run, this time in san jose. a woman died at a crash at crest lane in east san jose just after 5:30. kpix 5 spoke to a couple of men who tried to stop the suspect
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running away from the scene. >> reporter: and behind me they're now towing away the victim's car. we spoke to a couple of guys who not only ran after the suspect, they did more than just that, they also took a picture. ... standing not too far away from him: shaking and lo >> when i checked i go are you okay, she didn't answer. >> reporter: overcome with emotion. >> the driver. >> reporter: after learning one of the victims he tried to help didn't survive. >> that's something you don't want to see, you know. >> reporter: kit says he heard the crash and ran outside, only to find this white car against a fence, three women inside, one of them unresponsive. then he says he noticed the driver of the other car involved standing not too far away from him. >> he was shaking and he looked all pale, so i go are you the driver, and he said no i'm not, and my friend goes no, i saw you, you just got out of the car. >> reporter: they say when the man denied he was the driver they snapped this picture of him, then they say he did the unthinkable. >> and he started running, and
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we couldn't keep up. >> reporter: kit and several others tried to run after the suspect, but eventually lost him. >> he should have stopped. it's an accident, you know? accidents happen. you shouldn't take off like that. >> reporter: and those witnesses tell me that a community service officer from the san jose police department actually witnessed the accident. at last check, the search for the suspect was still on going. an early- morning fire left half a dozen people homeless tonight. oking into in san jose, kpix 5. in san jose an early morning fire left half a dozen people homeless tonight. investigators are looking into whether illegal fireworks are to blame. it happened just after 2:00, and you can see debris scattered throughout the building. a resident of the house wasn't home, but said everything inside burned to ash. neighbors reported hearing fireworks before it happen. >> nothing is left, it's all
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burnt. >> crews had the flames put out in about 30 minutes, and the red cross is helping those displaced tonight. >. and late word of a shotting in oakland that left four people hurt. police say three men and a woman were shot just after 8:00 tonight outside an apartment complex. all four of the victims are in the hospital, but their conditions have not been released. witnesses told police they thought the shooting was actually fireworks being set off ahead of the 4th of july. a rare heart hmia. tonight we know the cause of death for a high school basketball player in the south bay. she had a rare heart arrhythmia. the 16-year-old collapsed on the sidelines during a game in mayweather and stopped breathing. a cardiologist familiar with the girl's case tells the mercury news that she had a rare condition that disrupt it is normal employee of electricity through the heart. doctors told the family her death could have happened anywhere and notary lated to playing -- not related to
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playing sport. >. and the body of a missing 5-year-old boy has been found. detectives found the remains of the boy who had been missing since april at a lake in santa barbara county. the boy's own father is accused of can i feeling him and expected -- killing him and expected in court on monday. and new at 11:00, check this out. you're looking at the end of a police chase that ended in southern california this evening. chp officers in ontario were able to bump the suspect's car causing him to lose control. he was taken into custody minutes later. and check out this mess in menlo park. a fire hydrant turned into a guiser after a car struck it. it took 10 minutes to find the valve to shut off the water. meanwhile a pair of bay area drivers were killed in separate crashes today after refusing to pull over for
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police. in daly city a man sped off from an attempted traffic stop at mission street overnight. because he was going so fast officers opted not to chase him, but then they found the wrecked car down the street a short time later, the driver dead. police think he might have hit a median. then a few hours earlier a man on a stolen motorcycle was killed after refusing to pull over for police. he ended up slamming into a tree and later died at the hospital. well, tonight, police are looking for the gunman who shot more than 25 people inside a nighclub in little rock, arkansas. the moment the shots rang out was caught on camera. or their lives to get away from the chaos while dodging bullets. (nats: ) i got shot this man h >> reporter: the barrage of gun fire was broadcast on facebook live from inside a night club in little rock, arkansas. panicked club goers ran to get away from the chaos while dodging bullets. this man hid under a pool
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table. >> >. just waited it went on about ten minutes. >> reporter: police believe several people got into an argument, and gun fire was exchanged, injuring dozens. the youngest victim was just 16 years old. >> a lot of people were injured either being trampled or trying to exit the location. >> reporter: broken glass littered the ground below, and police shut down several streets in the area to search for suspects, but no arrests were made. investigators were back at the crime scene collecting evidence. officials say crime is getting worse in little rock. there have been a dozen drive by shootings in nine days. >> we know that we have to use a hammer. we have to use a big hammer on the people who would do violence with guns and hurt people. >> reporter: police say there's a possibility that this latest shooting could be connected tottery cent wave of -- to the recent wave of gun violence. the little rock police chief said a few hours ago he believes the shooting was gang- relate. the tweets from trump just
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keep oncoming despite calls to end a feud with two cable news anchors, tonight president trump was back on twitter. he was back on stage too taking aim at the media. s core group of supporters- veterans. sot: (president trump) "for my very first independence day celebration as president, there is no place i'd rather be than wi an evangelic >> reporter: the president returned to washington saturday night to deliver remarks to a core group of supporters, veterans. >> there's no place i'd rather be than with you. >> reporter: a megachurch in dallas sponsored the event at the kennedy center, during which the president also railed against the media. >> the fake media tried to stop us from going to the white house, but i'm president, and they're not. >> reporter: at the time rant started saturday morning on twitter as trump reignited a few with the hosts of morning joe writing they're not bad people, but their low rated show is dominate bid their nbc bosses. too bad. the president was criticized by those on both sides of the
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aisle for tweets he sent out thursday that said the female host was pleading from a facelift when they visited his estate over new years, and he tweeted about the response to his voter fraud commission saying numerous states are refusing to give their information, what are they trying to hide. more than 20 states are refusing to give information to the panel that's investigating voter fraud in the 2016 election. the commission wants detailed data and personal information from the states about voters. many election officials say the request violates their election lays. -- laws. cbs news. >> president trump sent out a tweet saying the fake media is trying to convince republicans he shouldn't use social media. after the meeting tonight head headed to new jersey to spend
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the next few day windshield his wife and son -- days with his wife and son. and now there's a new taboo activity you can do in the state of nevada. >> and the impact of today's minimum wage hike in san francisco. why some think it could lead to different types of service at restaurant. and nothing says summer like riding a ski lift. the huge party in the snow this weekend ahead of the 4th of july. speaking of that, what's the forecast exactly for the 4th of july? we'll see after the break.
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it will be more expensive to live in san francisco now that it costs a quarter extra to ride the muni, and monthly passes will also cost a couple of dollars more. >> and golden gate bridge tolls on the rise today, up 25 cents. the bridge district needs cash to pay for a retrofit and other projects. >. tens of thousands of workers in san francisco will be taking home bigger pay checks. >> the minimum wage went to $14 an hour, still not much when it comes to the high cost of living. in fact the bigger impact could be on employers. er of savor "minimum wage is minimum wage. we live in san f xpensive city and ever >> reporter: it's official, minimum wage in san francisco is now nearly double the federal minimum wage, and is one of the highest hourly rates in the country. >> minimum wane is minimum wage, strain is an expensive --
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san francisco is an expensive city. >> reporter: he say it is wage hike isn't effecting how customers will be served or how his employees will work. >> i think people like and love to be lounging and sitting at the tables taking their time, and we intent to do that. >> reporter: while servers and other minimum wage employees are getting a raise, it's still not enough to comfortably afford a two bedroom apartment in the city. you'd need an average of $58 plus an hour to do that. the marrams more needs to be done. >> we need more affordable housing, and we have to develop programs that make mass transit more affordable. >> reporter: we spoke to a former restaurant owner off camera who said the rising wages are what got him out of
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the business. other factors are threatening businesses survival too. >> we've heard of businesses close up, and it's not just the wage part of it. it's also the amazon, hitting the businesses, and rents. >> reporter: next year san francisco's minimum wage goes up again to $15 an hour. >> by the way the minimum wage hike went into effect in san jose today up from $10.50 to $12 an hour. two more increases kick in over the next year and a half covering about 115,000 workers. on top of gambling, prostitution, and all night drinking, you're now allowed to buy marijuana in stores in nevada. it's joining colorado, oregon, washington, and alaska has states that can sell it. some stores in las vegas wasted no time today allowing buyers inside as the clock struck midnight. some say it's about time.
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>> i think it's great the prohibition of cannabis is ending slowly but surely. >> they'll start selling nit stores in january. ip trophy! kpix 5's devin fehely reports big day for warriors fans. thousands had a chance to snap a picture with the championship trophy. here's the story from walnut creek. [ cheering ] >> reporter: a long stretched around the block outside the walnut creek store, fans waitling houring for this -- waiting hours for this, a chance to take a picture with the trophy and share in the win. >> i saw it at the operated and during the presentation -- parade and during the presentation too. >> reporter: the excitement still upping high after -- running high, and the fans got more good news this morning.
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curry signed a $201 million five-year deal. >> he earned every penny. especially over the last few years, he's really carried the team. he's the one that makes the team goes. >> how he plays, his mentality, his basketball iq, he deserved it. >> reporter: he was the team's fourth highest paid player this year. the team's exciting but selfless play has turned people into die hard fans. >> he let others have their time in the spotlight, and i was impressed by that. >> reporter: a team she hopes will compete for championships for years to come. this time of year in the tahoe area people are water skiing, but this year visitors can snow ski as well. the slopes will stay open as
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long as the weather permits, and this week they kicked off freedom fest that continues through tuesday with bands and a fireworks show. there's still 100 inches of snow at the summit. been able to host skiers on >> you go upright through, and people are swimming and enjoying the california son -- sun. >> this is only the fourth time they've hosted skiers during the 4th of july. >> very nice. >> pack your sun screen. >> did you ski this year? >> i did during a story, yeah. [ laughter ] >> work-related. >> work and play. the golden gate bridge has a hint of fog. little hazy, and the numbers right now under partly cloudy skies in san francisco. 55 degrees in concord, 62, santa rosa 58. high pressure in the eastern
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pacific means mid-80s inland and 60s along the coastline. it's just affirming for this time of -- average for this time of year. nice and warm lain. chilly at the -- inland. chilly at the shoreline. clouds in the morning, and sunday is living up to its name. we have a degree or two of warming tomorrow. that's about it. inland in the upper 80s in spots, but foggy for the 4th at the shoreline. alameda county fair tomorrow, 84. the county fair up and running at the civic center too, 82 degrees. heading out of the bay area, maybe down to fresno? 101. over at the monterey bay
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aquarium, 91. overnight lows tonight in the bay area, the mid-50s, sun up tomorrow morning at -- tomorrow morning at 9 minutes before 6:00 a.m., and in concord mid-80s, san francisco 65, oakland 70, and the extended forecast looking for the usual low clouds in the morning and sun in the amp and temperatures in the -- afternoon, and temperatures in the 80s all week. whoever does weather next week will have a mighty easy time of it. >> straight ahead we have the latest as the warriors are trying to reassemble a power house. what do they have on the table for him? at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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"(((laughs)))" well iguodala will not be
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nba free agency day two up top, and the warriors are not fooling around. >> it can be hard for a guy like me that's basically my replacement until game five. [ laughter ] >> he announced on twitter he's returning to the warriors, agreeing to a three-year contract valued at 48 million. he was a finalist for the team award. >> you can't take it with you. the egyptians learned that. you can't bury it and take the treasures with you, so it's about the small things in life. the accomplishments, man. it's about winning. >> david west is coming back too. 14-year vet agreed to a one- year deal very veteran minimum salary. >> joe thorton signed, and
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martin jones was given a six- year extension through 2014, and as they say every saturday night there's more, i'm not done. the giants they may only have 32 wins, but right now they got at this time rolling.
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games in...and they've got back with baseball and the giants, roughly 80 games in, and it got something cooking. let's take it to pittsburgh. awesome sports town. great sports history along the river. pirates starter chad cole had a no-no in the 6s, and slater -- 6th, and slater put a stop to it. tied the game up at 1. and strickland in the 9th, still tied, and that ended the inning. to the 11th. pittsburgh's daniel hudson, the ball got away, and span put the giants ahead for good. they've won five straight games. they won today 2-1.
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former a's pitcher zito back in the coliseum. struck out phillips here in front of friends and family. all happy. 3-1 braves in the 8th, and chris davis got ahold of a two- run shot to tie the game up at three, but in the 9th it was the braves' moment. swanson found a hole, brought in the go ahead, and the braves won 4-3. oakland has now lost four in a row. over to soccer. electric crowd at stanford stadium. the earthquakes and gap waxy. first game for the new -- galaxy. first game for the new quakes coach. tied the match in stoppage time. game winner, what a comeback as
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the quakes stun la 2-1. dale jr.'s retirement tour hit daytona tonight. eight laps left, and larson in the 42 car, the elk grove native caught air. he was okay though. ended up a two-lap dash. stenhouse jr. came out on top tonight, and when you get to victory lane, he gets a kiss from his famous fellow driver girlfriend danica patrick. and boxing now. pachiao against horn. manny near fight won in the 9th, and despite landing more punches it was voted unanimous for horn. huge upset in controversial fashion as a rematch is
11:31 pm
pending. we'll be right back. >> oh, yeah. >> >. phone has been ringing all night from boxers, people really in the know just really upset over the loss by manny. >> they'll have a rematch. all right, we'll be right back. ♪ introducing the new sleep number 360 smart bed.
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that's what is happening now in croatia. imagine getting app uber and a speedboat shows up. that's what's happening now in croatia. uber boat will take people to many of the country's 1200
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islands. thanks for watching. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30. thanks for watching. chelsea, the way it's supposed to work here dinner. i don't mind. hear that? she doesn't mind. shut up. evelyn: we're back! hey, how'd it go? i don't know what you were worried abou


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